Expertise is Our Strength

Everyone at TriplePoint has a very strong background in low-level software including device drivers, embedded systems, and firmware. Along the way, we've developed techniques and figured out the best methods for integrating these components into a complete solution. We will help you design the correct solution for your product, and keep you from wasting time going down blind alleys.


NDIS Drivers
We have developed NDIS drivers for many of the world's leading network adapter manufacturers, perhaps the one you're using now...

Device Drivers
Besides specializing in network drivers, we have developed drivers for PCI/PCIe Bus Master DMA, PRI/BRI, T1/E1, SCSI, Printer, and other custom devices.

Embedded Systems
Over the years, TriplePoint has worked with many customers to provide embedded system solutions. Our expertise in embedded systems has enabled our clients to get the right product to market in the shortest time possible.

For many devices there is a trade-off to be made on how much firmware should be on the device versus how much control can be done on the host computer. We are very adept at helping our customers make good design decisions that can evolve along with their products.

After the hardware and low-level software is complete, there is often a need to develop automated tests and diagnostic utilities that can be used during manufacturing. We have a great deal of experience developing these tools and hooking them into the drivers and firmware that we develop.

Board Support Packages
Low-level hardware "bring-up" is part of the expertise we bring to the table. We have first hand experience with many chipsets, processors, and peripherals.

Application Programming
TriplePoint has experienced Windows programmers ready to handle your most demanding projects. We produce professional, user-friendly applications to your specifications, using C and C++.

Device drivers or embedded systems, we can tailor a one or two day course for your engineering staff. We'll come to your site and give your people the information they need.

In many cases, the installation script is more complex and harder to debug than the driver code. Device co-installers and network installers are a specialty.

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TPI Drivers & Firmware
Updated: 2019-10-01